Presentation Format

The presentation format is as follows:

  • Full papers: IEEE SSCI 2025 will be using a new presentation format for full papers. Each full paper will be presented by a short oral presentation followed by a poster presentation (for exceptions, see the paragraph below the bullet points). The new presentation format aims at increasing interactions at the conference.
  • Short papers: poster presentation.
  • Late breaking papers: poster presentation.
  • Abstract (poster-only): poster presentation.
  • Journal to conference papers: short oral presentation followed by a poster presentation.

IEEE SSCI 2025 is an in-person conference. However, IEEE CIS and the IEEE SSCI 2025 Organizing Committee acknowledge that there may be special reasons for why a delegate is prevented to travel and thus preventing physical presence. For full paper presenters, IEEE SSCI 2025 provides the possibility for remote presentation (live online talk with live online Q&A) upon request with a reasonable justification. Requests should be sent by filling in an application form after the paper notification but before the early author registration deadline. Whilst on-site delegates will be able to attend all sessions (online and on-site), remote presenters will only be able to attend online sessions. Moreover, remote full paper presentations will be by short oral presentation only in the online sessions (i.e., there will be no poster presentation for full papers presented online). Only presenters of full papers can apply to present remotely. Short papers, late breaking papers, abstracts and journal to conference papers cannot be presented remotely.

IEEE has a policy for 'no-show' where the presenter of an oral or poster presentation does not present his/her work. To avoid any issues here, due to technical difficulties during the online presentation, remote presenters will be asked to submit a pre-recorded video of their talk and be available to answer questions.

At least one author must register for the conference (regular registration, as IEEE Member or Non-Member), whether an on-site or online presentation is going to be made.